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Justice in the darkness
-- This AMAZING card is brought to you by Courtney, the sprite is from Mia. THANK YOU BOTH!!! ♥

blah blah, TL;DR is me, SPLASH USE SPLASHCollapse )

Ice cream and Christmas presents [video]
Justice in the darkness
[Smoker is apparently shopping. Which is weird.]

All right let's see... Sugar, Milk, Cream, Salt...

[Notices he accidentally turned his video on when looking at his list.] Oh. All right. I'm making ice cream for Christmas. What flavors does everyone want?

[Seriously, anyone can ask for anything. Whether you know him or not, he will still send you some. It's Christmas after all.]

[Filtered from Luffy]
[And once he's sure Luffy's out of earshot...]

Does anyone know what someone should get an annoying brat for Christmas? And not coal.

[accidental video]
worried justice
[And here we have Smoker and Luffy creeping through a dark forest.]

Brat, stop poking them to see if they're awake! [Because yelling never wakes things up.]

But Smoookey, they'll explode if they're awake!

All the more reason not to!

But they could be awake and we might make them explode! So we gotta see if they're asleep!

No. This isn't Pineco sweeper play it on the pokegear, not in perso-- [And with that, there's suddenly a bunch of pineco explosions and Smoker picks up Luffy to start running.] Fuck! God damn it, what did I tell you?!

He was awake! [And laughter. It's funny to him!]

[Ooc: Red is Luffy. And for your listening pleasure.]

[video] (Goldenrod Hotel, you might hear the yelling)
get off my back, grumpy, goddamn magikarp
[Smoker hasn't been around much. A certain little brat went missing and for some reason that sent him into some sort of existential "What am I doing with my life if it's not chasing Straw-Hat?!" crisis. However, given this video, you'd never know it. At some point it got kicked on to show Smoker on his back, fast asleep in bed, with a tiny little 8 (11?) year old Luffy on his chest. Drooling and sleeping. Aww isn't that cute? For about 30 seconds until the drooling wakes Smoker up.]

No Pokemon on the bed.

[Gruff voice, a light shove and then cue epic freak out.] STRAW-HAT!?! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! GET OFF ME BRATLING! [Lights go on and more scrambling where Smoker shoves Luffy off the bed and tries to get a towel to clean up.]

Damn brat... disappear for weeks and then show up unannounced. Get your own bed. What the hell? This is why I hate pirates. You're even messier than a dog. Is that food in your hair? Che... when was the last time you ate? [Continues griping for awhile, he's clearly been woken up to better means, but he picks up Luffy and moves him to a couch before getting a blanket to tuck him in. Not that he likes the brat or anything, because he doesn't. He obviously hates him you know.]

[Video -- Action for Olivine Lighthouse Ledge]
not professor Oak, frown, puzzled
[Typically growly Smoker voice.]

All right this is the 7th time I've caught him out here. [Shows off the little psychotic bagon which keeps trying to scramble out of his grip and jump off the ledge of the lighthouse where they're precariously standing.]

Someone fill me in. Is it suicidal? Is that why he keeps slamming his head into the rocks?

[Exasperated growl.] Why do all my pokemon think they can fly? Ten's the only sensible one and he just tries to blend in with other rocks so that people will trip on him. Worse than my marines.

And that's saying something.

Next thing you know, Straw-Hat will try to copy him. [Grumbles quietly.] Maybe I should let them fall... [He won't really though. Probably.]

[4th Wall - Video/Action/whatever you feel like, crack me up baby]
My bike is bigger
You know, normally I hate this place, but now that I've got my devil fruit back, it's not so bad.

[Just for demonstration, Smoker uses a bit of his powers and transforms the arms into smoke. And then makes balloon smoke animals for your viewing pleasure. It's not like he's got any pirates to arrest. Unless you're volunteering.]

Maybe I should add pokemon to my repertoire. [And he attempts to make a smoke gyarados. This is clearly a productive use of his superpowers.]

Thinking about justice
[This is Smoker looking SO DAMN SHIFTY. And using a very quiet voice. Turn up your comms to hear him folks. Though first he clears his throat uncomfortably.]

The fifth -- Thursday, is Children's Day. And I'm throwing the brat a birthday party. Err... I got a recommendation to some place called Rattata E. Cheese. Apparently it's a Children's Casino? [Just... end his life, save him the misery of this early. He takes a DEEP breath of smoke because apparently he needs it.] So anyone who wants to come, yeah... do. [Don't leave him alone with Luffy in Rattata E. Cheese, he will snap and kill things. Besides! It's a children's casino! IT WILL BE FUN! And there will be prizes!]

And uh... I need help... figuring out a present... it can't be from me. I mean... I'll buy it, but he can't know it's from me. Can "Santa" deliver on birthdays too? Anyone know?

[Yeah.... he's just blushing here. God his tough-guy image will never survive between this and the bike for Rika. He'll have to beat someone up or something. Wrestle with croconaws.]

[[ooc: I'll throw up an open log on the 5th too, but anything goes. It can be in Goldenrod or sort of in between Violet. Just relatively easy to get to. They might get kicked out early if Luffy tries to eat the giant rattata &/or get in a fight with it. In which case it'll be moved to a steakhouse. EITHER WAY Smoker will be broke by the end of it. Oh, and don't even bother hiding it from Luffy, Smoker failed that so hard with this post, though he tried.]]

respect, Grudging respect
[Have a surprising sight Johto. It's Smoker! And he's smiling. Or at least not frowning. It's shocking.]

Hey Rika!!

Happy birthday kiddo! I figure every kid needs a bike, and around here it should be doubly useful. I'm not sure where you are now, but I'll see if my pidgeot Tashigi can get it to you. Hopefully you don't already have one, it was the best I could find.

[And all this is done with a party hat on his head, looking ridiculous. Happy birthday Rika.]

[Accidental Video]
I hate you Team Rocket!, glare of doom
Krow, krow! Murk-KROW!

[Kaz's Murkrow is throwing a fit, knocking into things and pushing things off the shelf in Smoker's room which turns the communicator on as he tries to get it under control. He gives her a sour look, clearly as equally frustrated as she is and just growls.]

Will you get off it already?! I don't know where she is!! If I knew, don't you think I'd be out there bringing her back?! She's not here damn it!

[This just instigates more crashing and general temper tantrum and Smoker himself punches a wall with a gloved fist (lightly for him, otherwise it'd break, though it still leaves a loud thud and small dent.) He takes a few huffs on the cigars and quietly rumbles.]

She's gone home, okay? Kaz and Hina, they've gone home. I don't know if they'll be back, I don't know how it happens, but I've got to keep moving forward.

[The murkrow gives him a hurt look and squawks, kicking the blanket and some of the knocked over items: a lamp, cigar box and so forth, upset and still frustrated, but at least slightly less destructive.]

Come here. [It's an order like only a commander can make, but it still has a gentle touch to it you wouldn't expect given the recent display and he holds out an arm for the murkrow to land on. When she does, he gently pats her head soothingly.] You can stay with me until then if you want, all right? It's a big place out there, I'd get why you wouldn't want to be alone.

Krow... [A sad note and Smoker just sighs, letting the bird perch on his shoulder while he goes about cleaning the mess up.]

[video] [[ooc: sooooo overdue]]
get off my back, grumpy, goddamn magikarp
A couple of announcements.

Firstly, it's too god damn cold not to wear jackets. If you don't want to zip them, fine, but at least wear one.

Secondly, how the fuck do you get an ten year old to take his cough syrup when he's a little monster who isn't afraid of anything, and is probably completely delirious from cold and a fever? And tricking him into thinking it was candy or meat didn't work.

Thirdly, what do you get someone for Valentine's Day? Is it only for girlfriends or does it count for any friends? And does this place or anyone here even celebrate White Day?

Also... what kind of stories are good to tell a little pirate wannabe to make him shut up and hold still?

Yeah, that's all.

[Video and not all ooc]
Justice in the darkness

The following are getting these Christmas presents from Smoker:

Rika: Gloves, hat, and winter-themed ribbons with a note of "Hoping the snow lasts as long as you'd like and no more than." -- delivered via his Pidgeot
Kay: Sneaky black hat, leather gloves and a silver whistle -- with a note of "If you ever need it, I'll come running."
Kaitou: Some slightly more advanced magic trick card decks, and added disguise makeup with a note "Since if you can get me, you can get anyone and you might be using a lot more."
Johan: a box of assorted candy and rock candy.
Roxas: Salt water taffy & sea salt caramels. Enough to last a couple of months at least. -- delivered via his Pidgeot
Kazooie: A necklace, some candy sunflower seeds, and of course a warmer fiery jacket. Best of all, he managed to get a bigger backpack as well.
Barney: 12 year old Scotch.
Ur: This necklace and a note that Kazooie came back so Sanji might too.

[The last present is getting delivered in person, with Smoker dressed up like santa, complete with the fake beard and red suit, and no he definitely didn't mean to film it. Tease as you will.]

Hohoho. Merry Christmas little pirate. [He pulls out a Straw-hat that's obviously too small for a human, but puts it on Aipy and hands Luffy some candy canes for the both of them.] Now try to stay away from poisoned berries this year, aye? [Ruffles Luffy's head. And all because Smoker would never in a million years openly get his prey a present. Such lengths.]

Justice in the darkness
[Smoker is reacting to the snow a bit like the kids, save one change: He has FINALLY zipped up his jacket. Well, halfway. It's still obvious he doesn't feel like wearing a T-shirt. In any case, he's not bothered by the high-stacked snow, instead walking cheerfully (for Smoker) through it and carrying what appear to a bunch of shopping bags. Someone's got his Christmas shopping started. Out of seemingly nowhere a snowball hits him in the jaw, splattering over his face.]

STRAW-HAT!!! Santa's watching you little brat!

[Video / / Action for those in Violet]
worried justice
I swear, every time we turn around this place just gets weirder.

Someone wake me up when it's over. I'm just going to close my eyes and smoke. Straw-Hat don't do anything I have to kick your ass for.

get off my back, grumpy, goddamn magikarp
[Smoker is trudging grumpily around Violet, because well, he trudges, and he's grumpy. A lot.]

Come on bratling, hurry it up. Prince Idiot wants me to get you more clothes apparently. Beats me why.

[Fixes the video.] Hey about that carnival thing. Did everyone decide on a date yet? We'll probably have enough time that I can help out some. And Barney, pick a bar and I'll meet you there when I get the chibi to sleep.

As for everyone else: the whole thing from Halloween has me thinking about pranks pulled. Anyone got some good stories about ones they've pulled?

get off my back, grumpy, goddamn magikarp
Much as I wanted a change of music, this is not preferable. It's disturbing as hell. Not to mention how screwy everything works. And Splash and my other pokemon aren't dealing well with it.

Somehow I doubt this one is pokemon-caused. Then again, anything's possible in this forsaken place.

Barney, turns out I'm back in Violet if you haven't gotten all the way to Azalea now. And if you have, well I'll catch up. Tsk.

[Quiet mutter as if he didn't mean to say it or even think it out loud.] Damn I wish Kaz was around for -- WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?! [Off to go fight missingno!]

[Video shows Smoker sitting near a campfire clearly on Route 32 for those who've passed it, and looking generally annoyed. No worries, that's his usual state of existence. So in a growly grumpy voice he looks intently and all super serious and mildly curious at the camera.]

So, since it's come up before and more so again recently; I'm kind of wondering. Just what was the law enforcement and general government like in your home worlds? For all the Officer Jenny's and Kangaskhan police enforcing general common sense rules, they don't actually even seem to have a government making the rules. Which is bizarre to say the least. It's certainly not like my world in that sense, but maybe it is normal to some of you here? So I have to ask.

[At that Smoker just lights up a pair of cigars -- yes two at once, and shuts it off with a small huffy sigh. For anyone who's observant, they might notice the slight change in him in the past few weeks. He misses Kazooie even if he'll never say it.]

(no subject)
Justice in the darkness
The New, Improved Character Survey of DoomCollapse )

[Accidental Video]
White Hunter on board
[Smoker is very clearly up some place high and from the looks of it, he and Kaz went tree climbing along Route 32. In the background you can just barely see the Sprout Tower in the far distance over the treetops. It appears they went up there to battle birds and get good at training against them. However, if you look closer, Smoker's down to his boxers and Justice!socks. Kazooie meanwhile is looking smug and hoarding all his clothes, particularly the jacket, though she's using his jeans for cushioning on the branch they're sitting on.]

Call 'em. [Growls and carefully lays out his cards. Yup, they're playing poker and Smoker is his losing his shirt. Literally. However at this, he also notices his pidgeotto flying about with the pokedex and gives it a flat stare before grabbing it out of flight and turning the video off.]

[Very Accidental Video]
Shorts, I'm a bug-catcher
[It's hot. Even for early morning. And as such, Smoker is out jogging without the leather jacket on for a change. And no T-shirt either, he's just topless with assorted belts and the backpack where his jitte would usually be carried. Luckily he's in jeans though, not shorts, because no one wants to see that. At first you just see his back and a little devious magikarp fin. But then it spans it more and you get a full picture. From all appearances, Smoker's doing a marine cadence, which doesn't work so great without actual people calling back, but at least he seems to be enjoying it.]

We're gonna fight all day and night!
To find more wild pokemon that we can fight!
Gonna take our fight onto the street!
To show the world we won't be beat.
Sound off!
[The somewhat wilting Gyarados and all too cheerful hoppip behind him call back in various roars/chirps.]
Sound off!
[This time the geodude and pidgeotto call back.]
Cadence Count!
[1, 2, 3, 4, each of them go in a row. At this Smoker pauses and realizes something's missing so he takes the second magikarp out of his backpack, which causes it to flop and stare back at him. He just looks at critically, runs a hand through his hair and sighs in exasperation at which point the devious thing turns off the video Smoker was completely unaware of.]

Let's do this
So anyone in the Violet City area, I'm going to make some sea salt ice cream for me and Roxas, but since I only have a recipe for an entire ship's crew I'll probably make way too much. And I figure I might as well share it.

Although Freckles, if you're going with the pervert-prince, you better make it fast.

Anyone know if ice cream is safe for pokemon to eat?

Oh, and if you want a different flavor than sea-salt, bring whatever and I'll mix it up.

And stupid love-prince: I'm giving the curry to Kaz so you better not have slipped anything it. If I can ask a favor though, I think I got the recipe right, but I'm doing it from memory. If you've got the time, look it over.

[ooc: insert recipe. It's missing one or two things for flavoring that a really experienced chef (Sanji) would know, but someone who's just capable (Smoker) would not. justicereigns = main account, replies will be backdated to whatever time you want, action threads are go! And feel free to threadjump and talk to each other/mingle like crazy.]

Justice in the darkness
Sabo, Freckles, you two lost out there? [Not that he's worried. Never that.]

Looks like we're all stuck here for a while. Same to you idiot chef if you ever reach Violet. In the meanwhile I guess I'll keep my job here and look after the brats.

Maybe I'll train and battle Falks... whatever his name is. Anyone battle him yet and got advice?

Oh, and Ash, what level is Magikarp supposed to evolve at? Mine's still a fish. Tsk.

[Accidental Video / action welcome]
Pokemon trainer, Battle time, 2 B a master
[Smoker isn't wearing his usual justice jacket, instead he's got on the gyarados one he got from his "Mom." This might be because Kazooie has stolen the other and is conspicuously missing from the video. Speaking of which, the music has gone to battle and the video is on its side, Smoker having accidentally turned it on when he set it out of the way.]

I'm going to catch one. [Growly voice full of determination.] Come on Splash. If it's the last thing I do.

[The magikarp at least seems to be loving the morning rain even if it has no water moves and isn't even able to tackle yet. A pidgey comes on screen, but this time, Smoker's ready for it and Splash is already out of splash PP.]

Come on, come on! [With a hit, Smoker tosses the pokeball and finally catches a pidgey. Sure, everyone has one, but look at how freakishly happy and proud of himself he is. Now feel free to rain on his parade. In the rain. He's used to it.]

[ooc: as always justicereigns is still me]

get off my back, grumpy, goddamn magikarp
[The video shows Smoker looking grumpier than ever in a forest surrounded by trees with brightly colored ball-shaped acorns. Occasionally a few of them keep plunking him in the head, much to giggles of his traveling companions.]

These are much too hard to be berries. Even for monster berries. Can anyone tell me what the hell these are and what their purpose is supposed to be? [A rather large one whacks him directly in the back of the skull and he turns around and snarls.] AND WOULD YOU STOP THROWING THEM AT ME ALREADY!?

get off my back, grumpy, goddamn magikarp
Note to self, find more birdseed and pokefood.

Looks like I'm carrying around Kazooie. I forget why. [He doesn't, but he does look like he doesn't want to say the reason.] And now I've got a 10-year-old Straw-Hat in tow. And I still can't make my fish doing anything except Splash.

I really hope this is a dream.

In case it isn't, any and all marines report in immediately. This is White Hunter Smoker, over and out.

[About to shut it off and remembers.] Garp if you're here, I have your Grandson. One of them. Okay that's it. [NOW shuts it off. Then it comes on again about fifteen seconds later with him looking shifty and flustered.]

And if someone has a bigger backpack I'll trade... something.

[At this point, Kazooie yanks the device away and the bright red-head adds loudly.] MUCH BIGGER. [He gives her a short glare and shuts it off once and for all.]

[[ooc: Main account is justicereigns. Will be used whenever needed for icons etc.]


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